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 200 Pounds Beauty [Minyeo-neun Goerowo]

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PostSubject: 200 Pounds Beauty [Minyeo-neun Goerowo]   Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:28 pm

Size: About 100 MB Each

About: This is actually based on Japanese manga Kanna-San, Daiseikou Desu which was written by Yumiko Suzuki. 200 Pounds Beauty is the International Title and actually an award winning 2006 South Korean romantic comedy film. Kim Ah jung or Kim Ah Joong, the main character in the film, won as Best Actress in 2007 Grand Bell Awards. Kim Ah Joong is Hannah. Hannah is actually a good singer who is phone sex employee and at the same time a vocalist of Ammy. Ammy is not really good in singing. But because of her beauty she got the stage. Ammy actually lip syncs while Hannah is singing on the back stage. Hannah is the one who records all Ammy’s songs. Hannah actually love her job even though she was not one who receive praises because she was contented on her manager and her crush who is Sang-Jun. One day, Hannah was humiliated by Ammy in Sang-Jun’s birthday. They both wear the same dress. Hannah wore the dress for knowing it is a gift from Sang-Jun. In the comfort room, Hannah heard Sang-jun advising Ammy to be good to Hannah because they need Hannah to use her in Ammy’s career. Hannah almost committed suicide but it was interrupted upon receiving call from her regular sex phone mate who happens to be a top cosmetic surgeon. She went to see the surgeon and decided to have a total makeover. At first, the surgeon refuses but when Hannah blackmails the surgeon and when she said that she’s doing it not to be beautiful but to earn the love of her crush, the surgeon finally decided to help her. While Hannah is having a plastic surgery, Ammy is taking care of Hannah’s father hoping that Hannah will come back because Ammy doesn’t want sitcoms but she wants to be a singer which will not be possible without Hannah. After a year of a total makeover, Hannah became a very beautiful and sexy girl. Every people she met in the road, actually amazed by her beautiful face and even Chung-Min, her best friend didn’t notice it. This is the climax of the movie. Hannah with the help of Chung-Min hides the truth and pretend that she’s a Korean-American under the name of Jenny. She applied in the recording company of Sang-jun and actually earns their favor. Sang-jun with the rest of the staff was very proud. Ammy thought that Jenny will be her secret voice but Sang-Jun and the staff decided to make Jenny a star.

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200 Pounds Beauty [Minyeo-neun Goerowo]
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