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 Kamikaze Girls

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PostSubject: Kamikaze Girls   Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:30 pm

Size: About 100 MB Each

About: Based on the hit Japanese novel SHIMOTSUMA STORY by Novala Takemoto, KAMIKAZE GIRLS is a charming, unique, and very funny film. Pop star Kyoko Fukada stars as Momoko, a 17-year-old girl so obsessed with everything... Rococo that she wears old-fashioned frilly white clothing and carries a parasol. After her mother (Ryoko Shinohara) leaves and her would-be yakuza father (Hiroyuki Miyasako) gets kicked out of the big city for selling the wrong kind of designer knock-offs, Momoko and her dad move to the country, living with Momoko's somewhat offbeat grandmother (Kirin Kiki). Desperate for money, Momoko starts selling the remainder of her father's counterfeit clothing, but her only customer is a tough-talking young biker chick, Ichigo (Anna Tsuchiya), who belongs to an all-girl gang. Against all probability, the two very different teenagers become best friends, even though neither will admit it. And when Ichigo faces serious danger, Momoko must decide whether she can save the day. Writer-director Tetsuya Nakashima infuses the delightful KAMIKAZE GIRLS with fast-paced scenes, goofy flashbacks, playful sets, bright colors, and an endearing and infectious sense of fun in every shot.

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Kamikaze Girls
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